AI Plus Business Asia Conference 2021 Virtual Conference is offically launched!

AI Plus Business Asia Conference 2021 Virtual Conference is offically launched!

AI is Transforming the Business Landscape in Asia

Asia is home to 61% of the world’s population, stands to gain the most from deploying AI given its still early stages of development but huge potential to scale returns. From China to Singapore, from Jakarta to Manila, AI startup and research clusters are emerging rapidly, a harbinger of the technological leapfrog that is to come. The majority (estimated 61%) of Asia large businesses adopted or plans to invest in AI applications, AI startups since 2000 has magnified to 14 times in Asia regioin, and 52% of businesses expect to hire a Chief AI Officer in the future.

AI Plus Business Conference is designed for business leaders to explore what AI practically means for enterprises and how to scale it

AI Plus Business conference will bring together businesses and organizations from Southeast Asia nd across many industry sectors (Financial Services, Retail, Infrastructure, Marketing, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Cybersecurity) to brainstorm ideas, strategies and approaches to help us further integrate and implement AI to empower it businesses and drive a true digital transformation.

The event gathers 50+ AI and Business leaders to make inspiring presentations and panel discussions. You will meet 1000+ CEOs, CTOs, heads of AI, scientists, technologists and investors from 200+ Large businesses in Southeast Asia region (especially Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam). It aiss to provide a common framework for what AI means to each industry as we transition into a new era of responsible human-machine collaboration.

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